Here’s what my clients are saying about our work together.

As a photographer, my main job is shooting and editing, but along with that comes all the demands of a small business. I was drowning. I needed help getting organized, creating creative ads, staying on top of my social media, my blog, my website, my correspondence. I needed help bad. Enter Justine! She saved me! Not only has she gone above and beyond on every project I have asked of her, she does it in a timely, professional, and creative manner. She has gone out of her way to learn about photography so that she can better assist me. She’s hard working, dedicated and responsible. Her passion shines bright through her work. I hope I never lose her, she’s been a life saver and a game changer for my business. Now I feel extremely confident, that with her assistance, I will achieve all of my big goals!

Marggie Duncan

Owner & Photographer, BennyAni Photography

Thanks so much, Justine… you are SPOT ON!

Rina Meaushaw

Owner & Blogger, Balanced Working Moms

I’ve been working with Justine for a few months now specifically targeting Facebook and Instagram ads for my photography business. With all the changes Facebook is constantly making I simply can not keep up myself and needed someone with expertise that could take over and get the best reach possible for the dollars spent. Justine has done an amazing job at specifically targeting my ideal clients. The ads perform far better than I have ever personally had success with. My booking rate has gone up and I couldn’t be happier with Justine’s customer service and level of professionalism. I’d highly recommend Justine for your business needs!

Lindsay O'Connell

Owner & Photographer, Lindsay O'Connell Photography

I’m impressed with your recommendations on the ad I started yesterday. It ran for 12 hours and had 14 link clicks and I got 1 contact form submitted for twins!!! They booked!

Karen Waits

Owner & Photographer, Karen Waits Photography

“Justine is a marketing expert! She has all the answers to my marketing questions and really understands the ins and outs of social media marketing!” – Ellie Berlin, Owner & Photographer at Ellie B Photography
Thanks to Justine I made it on the first page of a google search for my area and specialty!!! I am amazed and never thought this was possible. I know nothing about SEO and handed everything over to Justine and she truly made it happen.
Liz Fio

Owner & Photographer, Harvest Hill Photography

Omg. I love working with you! We’ve seriously never met in person or spoke on the phone and you get me – what I need and want!

Rochel Konik

Owner & Photographer, Rochel Konik Photography

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